Purpose by Design

Welcome to Stunning Elements!

What is Stunning Elements all about?

Daily Read

The goal here is to cycle through the Bible multiple times. We want to gain a real understanding. There will be a mix of quick readings and longer more in depth readings. Exploring through the Bible by means of subject matter, chronology, and skipping around to the better known stories. We have an unending supply of information because the Bible is the living, breathing Word of God. The plan is to go further than the obvious and gathering a deep understanding.

Noteworthy Inspiration

Taking small bites of inspiration from the Bible on a regular basis is, by far, the easiest way to take it in. This is also a great way to gather scriptures for meditation. There are PLENTY of scriptures that will be shared and discussed to build and uplift. This will be a short a sweet blessing to share with the world!stunning elements_photo_30375_20140124

Purpose by Design with Stunning Elements

All in all the other sections and their posts are the first step in the design process: research. Posted here will mostly be sketches of characters, visual research (seeing how others interpret how things should look), historical visual research, color palettes, and so on. Sharing visuals can help others get a better understanding of the intent. This long process won’t get started until after the initial read through of the Bible. The current plan (May 2015) is to share every step of the process, from the storyboards to the final animations. It will be a fun learning experience once the ball starts rolling.


Everything will be referenced from the Bible (King James Version [KJV] and Amplified Version [AMP]). There will be a few other outside sources as far as the “storyline” for the animations, such as a concordance or two. The stories are all basically laid out, right? But we want full understanding. Other references are to be used for historical purposes, such as dress of the characters, architecture, environment, etc. The goal is to be as accurate to the bible as possible and not skipping over details.

This is going to be an adventure and is definitely anticipated! :)